Trustonic and Armour Communications partner on secure government and enterprise communications

March 13, 2017

Device and application security specialist Trustonic has announced a partnership with Armour Communications, a leading supplier of strong, end-to-end encrypted voice, data and video communication for governments and enterprises. Armour can now protect its communications software with Trustonic’s Kinibi Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)* device security technology – which is embedded in more than 1 billion devices worldwide – making it resistant to any software threats resident in the main OS.

Trustonic’s technology enables Armour to further enhance communication platforms that are already approved to protect UK government and military communications under the Secure Chorus program, a group which Armour helped to establish in 2016 to promote the development and uptake of secure communication technologies. This formalised partnership builds on an existing collaboration to secure Armour’s Samsung Mobile product. The solution is approved by the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) programme and utilises the Trustonic-secured Samsung KNOX platform to provide hardware-based security for high-threat environments and security-conscious organisations.

Commenting on the partnership, George Kanuck, SVP of Global Sales and Marketing at Trustonic, said: “This collaboration brings even greater security and privacy to government and enterprise communications at a time when hacking and malware is growing exponentially. Secure communication is a perfect use case for the TEE, as it isolates Armour’s cryptographic processes in a separate operating system, making them immune to all software threats residing on devices. Armour is not alone in seeking to leverage hardware, as demonstrated by Google’s requirements for hardware security to protect devices supporting Android M and above. On top of this, service providers across sectors like financial services, IoT, government and enterprise are demanding greater protection. This is something the TEE already offers in over a billion devices worldwide.”

David Holman, a director at Armour Communications concluded; “Our partnership with Trustonic is a key part of our strategy and will enable us to broaden our offering in the future to an array of new technology platforms. Our secure communications solutions utilise the MIKEY-SAKKE protocol and are FIPS, NATO and NCSC/CESG CPA approved. Using Trustonic’s technology will enable us to strengthen our position still further with an additional layer of security on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) devices, giving a cost effective and suitably ‘anonymous’ solution for those not wishing to draw attention to themselves by having a ‘special’ phone.”

Trustonic and Armour will be discussing the technologies involved and demonstrating the solution at CyberUK 2017 in Liverpool, 14-16 March.

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