Swivel Secure Strengthens its Senior Leadership Team

August 9, 2016

New Non-Executive Director to advise multifactor authentication specialist on global strategy

Pioneering adaptive authentication firm, Swivel Secure, has appointed Amit Pau as Non-Executive Director, to provide strategic advice on international and commercial expansion.

Formerly, Amit was a Board member at Vodafone Spain and has managed numerous trade sales, including five AIM IPOs, raising over £450m. He created Vodafone’s Global Product Management and Channel Business Units, generating over £1bn in revenue within just two years. Notably, Pau will bring his experience of forging partnerships to bear on Swivel Secure’s international channel partner network; while at Vodafone Pau established OEM deals with Dell, IBM, BMW and Hewlett Packard.

“Striking the right balance between safeguarding corporate data and promoting the adoption of transformational new systems is one of the biggest challenges facing the modern enterprise,’ comments Pau. ‘We are seeing wave after wave of enabling technologies, from cloud-based services to mobile devices, which together are creating a corporate network with a vast number of entry points into the business, rendering a one-size-fits-all approaches to user authentication unworkable. Businesses now need intelligent systems that can automatically apply different levels of security according to the gravity of each user’s access request, and challenge them accordingly. This requirement for ‘adaptive and dynamic security’ sits at the heart of Swivel Secure’s R&D and has resulted in one of the most compelling authentication solutions available globally. I’m really excited to be involved.”

Pau’s appointment coincides with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will modernise Europe’s data security practices and, at the same time, harmonise the national laws that each member state enacted as a resulted of the now-defunct Data Protection Directive. “The new regulation requires European business of all sizes to ‘get serious’ about their security, and fast,” adds Pau. “The benefits of successfully harnessing the cloud, the mobile device revolution and flexible working initiatives are substantial, but can only be realised if legal compliance can be achieved. This means all the new gateways into the business need to be monitored and secured. Today’s enterprises are crying out for an intelligent way to achieve this. Swivel Secure has the answer.”

Amit will also contribute a wealth of commercial experience to Swivel Secure, having served on the board of twelve international companies listed on the Stock Exchanges in London, Madrid and Israel, together with boards of privately held firms in India, Norway, Belgium and the UK.

Swivel Secure’s established user base includes major blue chip companies as well as SME and public sector organisations. Customers vary from UK NHS Trusts to multi-national logistics organisations, educational institutions, high street retailers, financial institutions and one of the world’s largest IT hardware components manufacturers.

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