Solution which Eases Secure Mobile Services Integration Wins EuroCloud Award

November 3, 2016

Medius CloudSE provides ‘plug and play’ secure mobile functionality for third party apps using host card emulation (HCE) and a virtual secure element


A solution which enables service providers to quickly and simply integrate secure mobile services within an existing smart card infrastructure, has won the ‘Best Cloud Services provided by Start-Ups’ category at the EuroCloud 2016 Awards.

The Medius CloudSE solution, developed by bespoke software house Medius, uses host card emulation (HCE), to allow third party applications to benefit from ‘plug and play’ secure mobile functionality through a virtual secure element (SE) hosted in the cloud and accessed via secure web services.

The solution enables service providers to offer enhanced secure services, such as mobile ticketing, while reducing development and deployment time, shortening time to market and cutting cost. Because it provides a simple-to-integrate method of storing secure data such as credentials away from the device, it allows service providers to add these services to their systems without the need to upgrade existing infrastructures for smart card based applications. As the solution does not require investment in a physical SE, it also removes the requirement to form multiple business agreements with issuers of hardware SEs, typically mobile operators or handset vendors, thereby simplifying the business model.

“Mobile is the obvious next step for service providers who have already introduced smart card based applications, however many operators are actively seeking a solution to overcome the challenge of developing multiple apps for different handsets and secure element implementations, while retaining a focus on security,” said Viktor Brajak, chief operating officer of Medius. “Medius CloudSE combines the security of a virtual SE with the convenience of HCE, which permits software emulation of a traditional smart card or SE on a NFC-enabled mobile handset. This turns the device into a relay, simply routing commands from the reader to the SE in the cloud over a secure channel.  Security and simplicity of deployment are fundamental to the solution and we are very proud that it has been recognised as best in class in the recent EuroCloud awards.”

Viktor Brajak concludes: “For example, Medius CloudSE delivers strong benefits to the transit industry, but it can also be used across a wide variety of application areas other than ticketing, such as hotel and venue access control, event services and retail loyalty. Wherever a smart card application exists, Medius CloudSE is a simple component that streamlines the introduction of mobile services.”

For more information about Medius CloudSE and to hear Viktor Brajak deliver a webinar about HCE in ticketing, visit

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