Open Standards Essential When Implementing HCE in Public Transit, Says OSPT Alliance

February 18, 2016


White paper details how open standard CIPURSE™ can support use of HCE

The Open Standard for Public Transportation (OSPT) Alliance has published an executive white paper to explain the potential applicability of Host Card Emulation (HCE) to public transport and the importance of open standards in this area. The free to download white paper will be of interest to all stakeholders involved in advancing the capabilities, security and efficiencies of public transport ticketing systems.

The white paper, entitled ‘HCE Synergies with Public Transport’ provides an introduction to the technology, its different options and explains how CIPURSE™, the open standard from OSPT Alliance, can be implemented on HCE. It shows how CIPURSE can mitigate security risks associated with HCE and provides implementation examples.

The paper also discusses how structural constraints in public transport could potentially impact the use of HCE, including the important topic of throughput speed. It looks at specific opportunities that may be created by HCE and how CIPURSE features can enhance the use of the technology in this sector.

“Public transport has a number of very specific requirements for any automated fare collection system, including throughput, security and business rules,” explains OSPT Alliance Executive Director, Laurent Cremer. “CIPURSE strengthens HCE’s benefits for this sector and reinforces the way it can meet these requirements. And as an open standard CIPURSE helps future proof operator investments in ticketing systems.”

CIPURSE offers an advanced foundation for developing highly secure, interoperable and flexible transit fare collection solutions. It is built on proven standards, including ISO 7816, AES-128 and ISO/IEC 14443-4 for securing multiple payment types. The standard supports flexible design and deployment alternatives for transit system integrators and consultants. 

Laurent adds: “The implementation examples described in this paper show how CIPURSE both complements cloud-based HCE and works in combination with a SIM-based secure element in a two factor authentication scenario. HCE will help propagate new services through easing the implementation of value added NFC solutions. Combining it with CIPURSE guarantees openness, security and standardisation and ensures that its momentum cannot be derailed.”

To download the ‘HCE Synergies with Public Transport’ white paper visit


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