Nets and Giro deliver instant payment platform in Hungary

June 28, 2019

Nets, in partnership with GIRO Zrt, has delivered Nets’ instant payments platform – RealTime24/7 – in Hungary

GIRO Zrt. and Nets A/S are happy to announce that they have delivered Nets’ well-proven instant payments platform – RealTime24/7 – in Hungary. The platform is now open for the Hungarian banks to test services. 

The delivery of the platform is the outcome of a close and successful partnership between the parties, which means that the instant payments platform was delivered on time in accordance with the originally agreed plan.

“We are happy to say that we have delivered on time in a very fruitful cooperation with GIRO Zrt”, says Torben Hohlmann, SVP in Nets.

As of the beginning of July, GIRO, with the support of Nets, will operate the platform in production, allowing the banking community to test and gain experience with instant payments.

This marks the fourth successful implementation of the RealTime24/7 platform that, in addition to Hungary, runs in Denmark, Italy and Slovenia. Currently Nets is also upgrading Norway to the RealTime24/7 platform.

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