GlobalPlatform Launches 2016 Card Technology and Contactless Services Training Calendar

February 8, 2016

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Specifications body announces first training session in India, in response to growing demand

GlobalPlatform has today announced the dates and locations for its 2016 secure chip technology training program sessions. The two-part training sessions, which cover card technology (over two days) and contactless services (over one day), aim to improve knowledge of the function, capabilities, flexibility and benefits of the organization’s highly specified, royalty-free and standardized technology specifications.

GlobalPlatform has announced five open training sessions in 2016, which will be delivered across Europe, Asia and North America:

  • April 2016, London, UK, Europe
  • May 2016, Bangalore, India, Asia
  • May 2016, Seoul, South Korea, Asia
  • Fall, 2016, San Francisco, USA
  • October 2016, Paris, France, Europe

GlobalPlatform’s Card Specification Training provides an in-depth explanation of the GlobalPlatform Card Specifications, and addresses secure channels, security domains and application programming interfaces. The GlobalPlatform for Contactless Training Session exclusively addresses the role of GlobalPlatform Specifications in relation to contactless-enabled services on mobile platforms. To provide a dynamic learning environment, sessions are limited to a maximum of 15 students.

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director at GlobalPlatform, comments: “There has been a consistent growth in demand for spaces on our training sessions since they were launched in 2009, so our goal for 2016 is to be present on all major continents. This will enable as many students as possible to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the topics covered through a positive engagement with GlobalPlatform instructors in a personal, face-to-face learning environment.

“I am particularly pleased to announce that we will deliver our first open training session in India this year. India’s digital economy is booming; the increasing application of digital technologies across the country means that there is a growing interest in GlobalPlatform’s value proposition. To respond to local demand, we are planning a training session in Bangalore in Q2. We look forward to engaging with our Indian stakeholders at a local level and reinforcing the many benefits that a standardized infrastructure for the management of applications on secure chip technology can deliver.”

Those interested in attending a training session are invited to visit the GlobalPlatform website for more information and details of how to register:

Since launching its training program in 2009, GlobalPlatform has trained nearly 1000 students in public and in-house sessions delivered across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

GlobalPlatform also offers an online training program, to provide an introduction to key Card Specification topics. The online card training is open to both GlobalPlatform members and non-members. More information can be found at


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