Fingerprints expands access control portfolio with new range of colors

October 1, 2020

To meet the evolving design needs of the diverse and growing market for biometric access control, Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints™) today announces the expansion of its fingerprint authentication touch sensor portfolio for physical and logical access devices and applications.

To enable greater choice and enhance product design, two additional colors are now available for the sensors in the access series, featuring additional white and silver versions alongside existing black option. The new color range follows increasing market demand for design flexibility in a variety of access control use cases.

“As adoption of biometrics in access control grows, consumers and businesses alike are increasingly looking for solutions where slick design matches biometric smartness. The rise of smart home devices has boosted this demand, with consumers keen for biometric-enabled products to complement the design of their homes. With our extended color range, we are enabling manufacturers to enhance new product ranges with greater design choice – all powered by market-leading biometric authentication technology,” comments Michel Roig, Senior VP of Payments and Access at Fingerprints.

The access sensor series combines Fingerprints’ proven technology to make life simple for device makers and end users. For more information about Fingerprints’ access solutions, visit the website.

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