Finally, the chance to be an early adopter…

October 26, 2016

I’ve been creating content about mobile payments for as long as I have been at iseepr says Rob Peryer, Senior Account Manager. That’s nearly six years of press releases, articles, eBooks, blogs, videos. But that’s all good because (luckily!) I love the work and the subject matter. So this blog isn’t about any of that really, it’s about the frustration that being ahead of the curve can bring. You see, while I have been exploring it and writing about it, I’ve never really been able to use mobile payments.

I did have a brief flirtation with Orange/EE’s wallet a few years ago. But it left me cold as it worked intermittently and left me even more frustrated.

Picture the scene. A disproportionately excited young(er) Rob has finally laid his hands on a mobile wallet and set it up with some pennies. Heading for a store that he knows accepts contactless, he selects an already disappointing sandwich and proceeds to the checkout. On being told the total he states, with some relish, that he’ll pay contactless and brandishes his smartphone. The cashier, in this mysterious pre-Apple/Android/Samsung Pay world, recoils at what seems to be an attempt to hack into the payment terminal, stating ‘it’s cards only’. Rob, confident because of his ‘insider knowledge’, assures the cashier that it will work and proceeds to position the phone close to different bits of the terminal. Nothing. Not even an error message. Dejected, defeat is conceded and a card produced.

But I have some news…I’ve been using Android Pay for a couple of weeks and I love it! After periodically nagging my bank to support it, the email arrived. Sign up? Simple and quick. First payment? Easy. Every payment since? Seamless.

You can also see all of the payments listed in the app. Admittedly this can be a curse when you’re appraising the night before. The blissful ignorance of tapping your contactless card and not getting a receipt is gone. But if that’s my only niggle then we’re good!

Frustration sated.

So, it’s clear I’m a fan but I’m very aware that not everyone is as keen as me. Yet. For many, using their contactless card is just as quick and, in their eyes, more secure. This is why there is still work to be done. Firstly, education is needed. For example, some mobile contactless payments are even more secure than using a plastic card (won’t bore you with the details here, if you are interested find me on Twitter…) and people need to know how easy and quick it is to set up. On top of this, wallets need to give people more. Payment is not enough to make people change habits. When the mobile wallet can make payments, tally your loyalty points, apply a gift card to a purchase and host train tickets, for example, then more people will sit up and see it as less of a fad. But until then, I’m happy to be tapping my phone and pleased to be involved in spreading the word about mPayments’ benefits through my clients. And perhaps the odd blog here and there!

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