FIME Labs & Test Tool Recognized by EMVCo to Validate that SEs Support End-User Mobile Payment Application Selection

May 31, 2016

FIME’s laboratories and Global test tool have been approved by EMVCo to support chip manufacturers in confirming alignment with the latest EMVCo Application Activation User Interface (AAUI) Proximity Payment System Environment (PPSE) test plan.

The PPSE is a mechanism that identifies and presents the compatible contactless payment applications when a point-of-sale terminal is in range. The AAUI enables end users to pre-define the payment application to be used for the payment that should be launched.

“The combination of AAUI and PPSE brings real value to consumers by automatically launching the pre-selected payment application when a consumer is making a mobile payment. This makes the process quick and convenient,” comments Oleg Kosine, Head of Marketing – Payment Vendors at FIME. “Contactless technology is advancing rapidly and FIME works hard to ensure our services are aligned with current and future customers’ needs. We look forward to assisting manufacturers in certifying their products.”

FIME offers a comprehensive portfolio of EMVCo testing services to ensure secure chip and connected device manufacturers can quickly achieve all of the certifications they need. This saves valuable time and money. To find out more about how FIME can support your projects, contact your local office

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