China UnionPay qualifies FIME test platform

December 14, 2016

Acquirer and acceptance test solution significantly speeds up terminal integration testing and certification for Chinese acquirers, processors and merchants
FIME’s chip payment test platform – used by acquirers, processors and merchants globally for terminal integration testing – now supports China UnionPay (UnionPay) certification. The new certification process requires merchants and acquirers to confirm that a terminal meets UnionPay’s credit and debit card standards and will successfully integrate with the payment infrastructure.

The Savvi Test Platform is an automated testing and certification management tool, which significantly reduces the overall time needed to complete UnionPay terminal integration testing. This saves acquirers and merchants time and money. It achieves this by automatically determining applicable test cases, providing test process guidance, retrieving and validating test results, as well as generating and submitting test reports according to UnionPay’s requirements. The easy-to-use interface is available in Chinese and English.

“As the Chinese payment infrastructure becomes increasingly dynamic with multiple payment brands and the introduction of innovative technologies, it is important that new solutions will perform as intended and interoperate successfully within the existing payment ecosystem,” explains Alex Chen, Business Director Asia Pacific at FIME. “The latest certification requirement from UnionPay promotes this integrity, which is extremely positive for the marketplace. By using the Savvi Test Platform, merchants and acquirers can significantly shorten testing times due to its automation, and launch solutions to market without unnecessary certification delays.”

Savvi supports an extensive range of international and domestic payment brand qualifications to deliver market-leading multi-brand testing.

FIME is an industry-recognized implementation partner for the payment acceptance community. It enables acquirers and merchants to achieve fast and efficient execution of certification projects, whether they are performed in-house or outsourced. In addition to the Savvi Test Platform, FIME’s experts offer a complete project test service, technical consulting for payment system requirements and terminal-integration training for developers and testers. Find out more.






FIME亚太区商务总监Alex Chen表示:随着各类支付品牌以及创新科技的不断涌现,中国支付基础设施市场变得愈发充满活力。因此,新型解决方案不仅要满足市场预期,而且需要与现有的支付生态系统实现互操作。FIME最新认证对中国银联的支持也有利于支付市场的融合发展。得益于Savvi测试平台的自动化特性,商户和收单银行能显著缩短测试时间,及时响应市场需求,迅速推出解决方案。



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