How does EMV® 3-D Secure help the meet PSD2 SCA requirements?

7 September

As online shopping continues to grow in usage and volume, it is important to offer more secure remote payments. EMV® 3-D Secure (3DS) is an authentication protocol that can help to achieve this....

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The LEI: The missing ingredient in digital certificate management

25 August

How a simple integration can safeguard trust in tomorrow’s digital economy By Stephan Wolf, Chief Executive Officer at the Global LEI Foundation The world’s digital economy owes much to the...

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Taking charge of biometric power consumption

18 August

Fredrik Ramberg, SVP of R&D at Fingerprints Biometrics has come a long way since it was first used in an Argentinean court case in the late 1800s. No longer just a tool to solve murder...

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How can the banking industry emerge stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic?

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause widespread disruption, Mobey Forum has turned its attention to the key issues affecting banks and other financial institutions. Elina Mattila, Executive...

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Unbanked and Unconnected: Supporting Financial Inclusion Beyond Digital

5 August

Darren Capehorn, Director, Icon Solutions Many of us take it for granted, but accessing basic financial services is fundamental to our economic and social development. It is hard to ‘get on’...

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Strange new world: What next for banks?

24 July

Simon Wilson, Director, Payment Solutions, Icon Solutions What’s next for banks in this strange new world we find ourselves in? Forget the forecasts and predictions, we are in unchartered...

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Biometrics: How Changing Behaviors are Shaping Tomorrow’s Solutions

15 July

Christian Fredrikson, CEO at Fingerprints Amid worldwide lockdowns and unprecedented social distancing measures, it’s safe to say the first half of 2020 has unfolded in an unexpected...

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A New Era of Workplace Security: Why Biometrics Is the Key to the New Normal

8 July

Maria Pihlström, Global Marketing Manager, Fingerprint Cards AB Over the last few decades, new technologies have brought tremendous change to the way we work. Widespread internet connection...

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Consumers are Ready for Biometric Payment Cards

2 July

Lina Andolf-Orup, Head of Marketing at Fingerprints We’ve come a long way in the evolution of digital payments. Magnetic stripe cards, chip & PIN and contactless technology have all played...

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Bringing Balance to SD-WAN: Why We Need a More Network Friendly Approach

29 June

Marc Bouteyre, Senior Product Line Manager SD-WAN at Ekinops It is widely understood that first-wave SD-WAN was conceived as an OTT solution, driven by two fundamental assumptions: the underlying...

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