The blockchain…not as secure as you think

11 December

Jerome Nadel, SVP/GM of Payments and Ticketing and CMO, Rambus With fraud, breaches and threats reaching pandemic proportions across the entire digital ecosystem, the blockchain is hyped as an...

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CASE STUDY: Auchan Retail takes control of its global payments with nexo standards

6 December

Introduction Auchan Retail is an international retail group headquartered in Croix, France, which has been established for 55 years. Employing 351,282 individuals, Auchan Retail is one of the...

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(Payment) Cards on the Table: is your Infrastructure up to the Challenge?

Rune Sørensen explores the impact that sophisticated card infrastructure can have on mobile-led banking The introduction of new payment types has created a greater need for a strong, flexible card...

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Why China needs more than mobile payments

4 December

By Lina Andolf-Orup The smartphone sits at the heart of modern China. With the success of AliPay and WeChatPay – both boasting hundreds of millions of users in China alone compared to Apple...

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A Big IDea for Banks

30 November

In the digital world banks can win by doing more of the same, says Marten Nelson, co-founder, What is a bank? A place to store money? Yes, but keeping cash under the mattress doesn’t...

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From talk to trial: What is a biometric smartcard?

27 November

By Lina Andolf-Orup, Global Product Marketing Director, Fingerprints 2018 has seen the once futuristic biometric smartcard go from talk to trial. From the U.S.A. to France, Lebanon to Japan,...

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Visions become realities: Money 20/20 USA and the return to the present

6 November

Lina Andolf-Orup, Global Product Marketing Manager, Fingerprints As a Money 20/20 series regular, arriving at this year’s show in the ever-buzzing Las Vegas, I prepared myself for four days packed...

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Credit Chameleons – Lenders must tune in to changing customer attitudes

5 November

Sarah Jackson, Director of Equiniti Credit Services, explains how data-led outsourcing and automation technologies are enabling lenders to maintain relevance in an increasingly capricious market for...

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Now I’m a Believer: The Art of Engaging Consumers

2 November

With customer engagement the theme of December’s Mobey Day 2018 , Maurizio Poletto, Managing Director at BeeOne / Head of Design, Erste Group Research & Development Lab, explores the...

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Banks & merchants – the omnichannel payments puzzle

30 October

Banks & merchants – the omnichannel payments puzzle Banks and merchants are experiencing unprecedented change. And while this presents significant opportunities, it also requires...

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