What is PCI DSS?

20 June

Christian Damour, Product and Services Manager - Security at FIME As worldwide card fraud continues to rise, it is fundamental that the payments industry steps up to the challenge to prevent...

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Will banks ever learn?

19 June

Yesterday, Facebook announced Libra, a stablecoin to be used for payment in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Libra is a stablecoin pegged to a basket of fiat currencies to minimize fluctuation of...

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Fintech’s balancing act: Key takeaways from Money 20/20 Europe

14 June

Arnaud Crouzet, VP of Security and Consulting at FIME Last week saw Europe’s largest Fintech event return to Amsterdam: Money 20/20 Europe. The conference brought together all stakeholders from...

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Network tokenization versus PCI tokenization: five key differences

11 June

Andre Stoorvogel, Director, Product Marketing, Rambus Payments The concept of tokenization is not a new one in the payments industry. Solutions that replace sensitive data with a non-sensitive...

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Millennial myth busting: what do they really want from lenders?

Sarah Jackson, Director, Equiniti Credit Services, reveals some surprising stats about millennials’ attitudes to credit and explores what it all means for lenders targeting this...

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The Human Touch: Biometrics Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

5 June

By Christian Fredrikson, CEO, Fingerprints For thousands of years, humanity has used fingers to express itself. Crossing one’s index and middle fingers in the West means good luck, India’s...

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Can network tokenization limit false declines?

4 June

Andre Stoorvogel, Director, Product Marketing, Rambus Payments With retailers expected to lose $130 billion to online fraud over the next five years, there is increasingly urgent demand for...

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Getting real with open banking in Canada

28 May

Elina Mattila, Executive Director, Mobey Forum The disruption to conventional banking is being felt as much in Canada as in other parts of the world. Traditional Canadian players are starting to...

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What is EMV 3-D Secure?

Jean Fang, Product Manager, FIME Consumers are managing their financial services in more digital and diverse ways than ever before. But as card-not-present (CNP) transactions across e-commerce,...

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Biometric payments – forget sensor size, focus on performance

23 May

By Jonas Nilsson, Product Manager at Fingerprints Biometric authentication has come a long way in recent years. Launched in the first Android smartphone almost five years ago, fingerprint touch...

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