Biometrics in a card: Workplace security, no matter where you are

23 November

Maria Pihlström at Fingerprints Increasing workplace security has been a long-standing issue for many organizations, with traditional security measures no longer aligned with modern needs....

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Securing a Biometric Payment Card: The Tech Bringing Greater Trust to Contactless

26 October

By Henrik Nilsson, Product Manager at Fingerprints Fingerprint authentication is a mature and trusted technology, refined through a decade of mass adoption in the mobile world. With biometrics now...

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A new vision of payments – what is the European Payments Initiative?

6 October

Arnaud Crouzet, VP Security & Consulting at FIME The newly-established European Payments Initiative promises a new vision of payments. Innovative use cases will be made available to consumers...

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Subway® restaurants streamlines its global payments with nexo standards

5 October

About Subway® restaurants Subway® restaurants, with more than 40,000 stores in over 100 countries and operating in 30 different languages, is known for its iconic made-to-order sub sandwiches...

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The (U)X Factor: The software bringing biometric payment cards to market

29 September

Jonas Nilsson, Product Manager at Fingerprints With over 20 bank trials in progress and a second commercial roll-out imminent in France with BNP Paribas, contactless biometric payment cards are...

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COVID-19 has accelerated innovation in payments – but how?

28 September

Lauren Jones, International Payments Ambassador at Icon Solutions COVID-19 has been a major stress test for digital transformation. Merchants have had to ramp up their e-commerce, delivery and...

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Why SD-WAN needs to evolve to reach mass-market

23 September

Sylvain Quartier, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy at Ekinops Today’s communication systems are fundamental to business success and, as a result, customers of both service providers (SPs)...

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Three ways biometrics are unlocking the next-gen smart home

17 September

Maria Pihlström at Fingerprints Over the years, the internet of things (IoT) has made us increasingly connected to our devices and to each other, making our lives more convenient, enjoyable,...

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A sleeping digital giant wakes? 4 key trends accelerating payments transformation in the US

16 September

Lauren Jones, International Payments Ambassador, Icon Solutions The US payments industry is undoubtedly ripe for change. Before the unprecedented shock of COVID-19, digitization and payments...

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Catch Me if You Can: Protecting Mobile Subscriber Privacy in 5G

10 September

Stéphane Jacquelin, Chair of the Trusted Connectivity Alliance Mobile Privacy Working Group In today’s connected world, mobile networks carry a virtual trace of our lives as they unfold...

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