What does artificial intelligence mean for public relations?

14 September

Professor Stephen Hawking has warned it could be the ‘worst thing ever to happen to humanity’. Elon Musk has described it as ‘our biggest existential threat.’ It has the potential to...

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Can Smart, Hybrid-Access Technology be the panacea for delivering universal high-speed broadband services?

25 August

OneAccess product marketing manager, Thierry Masson believes that the success of the European Broadband Access via integrated Terrestrial & Satellite Systems (BATS) project means that operators...

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The moral wallet: Striking the right balance with end users

11 August

Even though studies are showing that an increasing number of users are giving the mobile wallet technology a try, only a few are reported to be using it on a continuous basis, says Sirpa Nordlund,...

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Thick & Thin: A Taxonomy of CPEs

9 August

In presentations at virtualization conferences, and in our discussions with operators and service providers, there remains a lot of confusion surrounding the terms ‘thick’ and ‘thin’ as they...

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What can lenders learn from the motor finance sector?

8 August

Despite a dip in consumer confidence and the introduction of new FCA regulations, the motor finance industry has continued to show strong growth, outperforming other sectors. Graham Donald, managing...

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No Brexcuses: GDPR preparations must continue

27 July

Whether or not you voted for Brexit, whether or not you believe it’s a done deal, there’s one thing post-referendum that surely isn’t up for debate. For British companies wanting to trade with...

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Launching Mobile Payments for Android

18 July

  Mobile payments are becoming the new normal says Andre Stoorvogel, Head of Marketing at iseepr client, Bell ID. After many years of debate, predictions and hype, many Android users...

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In a rising market, are banking outsourcers pulling their weight?

14 July

Graham Donald, Managing Director, Credit Services, Equiniti Group The Quarterly Outsourcing Index recently confirmed that outside the public sector, banks and financial institutions are by far the...

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The quiet revolution of the loyalty key fob

13 July

Take a glance at your bunch of keys. In amongst ‘the usuals’ like the front door, the garage, the bike lock and the car keys, there’s fair chance that at least one plastic loyalty key fob has...

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Flying the nest: It’s time to decouple tokenization from HCE

12 July

Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer, senior vice president at Nordic payment services provider, Nets In the world of mobile payments, tokenization has gained notoriety as the underlying technology enabling banks...

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