CTO Insights: PIN-on-Mobile is coming

29 November

Imagine taking a regular smartphone and turning it into a payment acceptance device with a simple app download. That’s the utopian dream many companies are chasing today and it could bring huge...

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The future is wireless: Should we still care about cables?

As the world goes wireless, Indi Sall, Technical Director, NG Bailey’s IT Services division asks if the days of the wired network are numbered. Compared to a few years ago, plugging things in...

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A New Game Awaits

27 November

Digital fluency and a thirst for convenience are making the UK’s borrowers more capricious and cost-sensitive than ever, says Richard Carter, Managing Director, Equiniti Credit Services, in this...

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Beat the Black Friday blues with faster payments and safer data

21 November

André Stoorvogel, Director, Product Marketing in the Payments Group at Rambus Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season. This is the most important time of the year for many...

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Shifting sands: Highlights from Mobey Day 2017

16 November

Maikki Frisk, Executive Director at Mobey Forum, discusses the key trends from the seventh annual Mobey Day Barcelona, hosted by imaginBank. We are approaching the most critical juncture in the...

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Turf wars

6 November

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Challenger banks are doing what their name suggests, and research indicates they are gaining ground. For established lenders, replicating the...

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Rules of Engagement

2 November

Outsourcing KYC is a good way for banks to safeguard their continued regulatory compliance and control spiralling costs, explains Toby Tiala, Programme Director, Equiniti KYC Solutions. In a bid...

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Money20/20 Trends: AI, ‘everyday commerce’ and security

by Andre Stoorvogel, Director, Product Marketing in the Payments Division at Rambus The bright lights of Las Vegas have gone out on Money20/20 for another year. As always, the event brought...

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Come together

30 October

Relevance to the consumer is the challenge for banks in the post-PSD2 era and partnerships hold the key, says Maikki Frisk, Executive Director, Mobey Forum When PSD2 comes into effect in 2018, the...

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Keeping Satellite in the 5G Game

23 October

Product Marketing Manager at OneAccess, Thierry Masson explores the intersection between virtualization, 5G and satellite communications, highlighting how a recent technology breakthrough will...

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