10 top mobile payments / fintech Twitter feeds

February 3, 2016

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With more and more people turning to social media for their news fix, Twitter has become a hotbed for discussion and debate on the current state, and future, of mobile payments and FinTech.

But, with a seemingly infinite number of accounts and opinions out there, keeping up with all things payments via Twitter can be quite an undertaking.

To help, together with iseepr client Bell ID, we’ve put together a list of ten of our favorite twitter feeds to follow for the latest news and best analysis.


Christopher Danvers – @kingofpayments

Also known as ‘King of Retweets’, Chris scours Twitter so you don’t have to, providing you with the all the latest mobile payments news, one retweet at a time.

Elizabeth Lumley – @LizLum

As a self-styled ‘Global FinTech Diva’, her profile has a lot to live up to. But the former Finextra editor’s journalistic creds and passion for payments means you won’t regret clicking follow.


Cherian Abraham – @cherian_abraham

Cherian channels the measured and forward-looking analysis from his Droplabs blog through to his personal Twitter account. Put simply, the tweets and blog are well worth a read because he knows his stuff.


Dean Bubley – @disruptivedean

Cornering the market as the world’s first ‘egotistical rockstar analyst’, Dean brings a sharp wit and a cynical eye to the telecoms market. The Mick Jagger of mobile? We’ll leave you to decide.


Will Hernandez – @W_Hernandez16

Whether it’s his Periscope updates or #AskWill Q&A sessions, if you want to know something about mobile payments, follow the editor of Mobile Payments Today and just ask!


Dave Birch – @dgwbirch

His reputation as a digital payments and identity thought leader and provocateur precedes him, making him one of the most influential and recognizable figures in the industry.


Sirpa Nordlund – @senordlund

As Executive Director of Mobey Forum, Sirpa gives you an unparalleled insight into the latest banking strategies in the age of mobile payments, and a snapshot of Nordic living!


Claire Cockerton – @clairecockerton

Claire’s drive to make financial technology more balanced, accessible and diverse is a journey worth following. Literally.



Brett King – @brettking

Twitter provides arguably the biggest name in payments with another platform for his controversial and disruptive take on financial services.


James Wester – @jameswester

Mostly payments with a few curve balls, James provides the insight and incisiveness that you would expect from a payments industry veteran.


Not an easy task picking just ten and we’d love to expand the blog. Is there a Twitter feed you can’t stop scrolling through? Let us know @Bell_ID!



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