The end of payments as we know it

2 November

Money 20/20 is over for another year. And as sore feet (and heads) recover and the dust starts to settle, attention is turning to the big trends and key themes says André Stoorvogel, Head of...

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Finally, the chance to be an early adopter…

26 October

I’ve been creating content about mobile payments for as long as I have been at iseepr says Rob Peryer, Senior Account Manager. That’s nearly six years of press releases, articles, eBooks, blogs,...

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An industry matured: highlights from Mobey Day 2016

17 October

Sirpa Nordlund, Executive Director from our client, Mobey Forum, shares key takeaways from the international association’s Mobey Day banking and fintech conference, held in Barcelona last week....

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HCE ticketing in the UK is a ‘game changer’

13 October

Our client, Rambus Ecebs has developed a Host Card Emulation (HCE) mobile solution that is being used in a ticketing trial in the UK. While the trial is constrained to train lines that operate...

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How Will We Pay in 2020?

7 October

The history of payments is best described as a search for simplicity, security and convenience. Coins, banknotes, cheques, payment cards have all been introduced with the aim of making paying for...

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Reorganising for the Age of Collaboration

27 September

Over the past two years an unprecedented $25bn has been pumped into the global fintech market and it looks like this is just the beginning, says Graham Donald, Managing Director from iseepr client,...

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imaginBank: Simpler banking for the digital age

20 September

Sirpa Nordlund, Executive Director, Mobey Forum catches up with Jordi Guaus, Head of Digital Marketing, CaixaBank, to get the inside track on imaginBank, its new mobile-only proposition. I don’t...

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Is your authentication ‘certifiably insane’?

15 September

Multi-factor authentication is already being used by enterprises around the world to protect their digital gateways to remote access VPN and cloud services. ‘Why then are so many others still using...

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What does artificial intelligence mean for public relations?

14 September

Professor Stephen Hawking has warned it could be the ‘worst thing ever to happen to humanity’. Elon Musk has described it as ‘our biggest existential threat.’ It has the potential to...

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Can Smart, Hybrid-Access Technology be the panacea for delivering universal high-speed broadband services?

25 August

OneAccess product marketing manager, Thierry Masson believes that the success of the European Broadband Access via integrated Terrestrial & Satellite Systems (BATS) project means that operators...

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