Arrested development? What banks don’t get about the API economy

20 March

The open banking ecosystem can learn a lot from the smartphone operating system (OS) market. In particular, banks that are developing APIs in a bid to control the new ecosystem should ask themselves...

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Talking payments at Mobile World Congress 2018

9 March

David Worthington, Vice President, Strategic Business Development at Rambus In our increasingly connected world, Mobile World Congress has become more than the venue for the latest smartphone...

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Biometric payment cards- Where are we now?

30 January

By Lina Andolf-Orup, Global Product Marketing Manager at Fingerprints Biometric smart cards are emerging as the next innovation in payment cards. According to ABI Research the payment card is...

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Mobile wallets in India: What the world can learn

24 January

Elina Mattila, Executive Director, Mobey Forum India’s emergence as a digital payment powerhouse is an unlikely story. Until recently, cash accounted for 95% of transactions, 85% of workers...

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ABT, Mobile and Wearables: the ticketing trends that will dominate 2018

22 January

The smart ticketing industry continues to face a number of obstacles and increasing pressures, with each region and market vertical facing its own specific challenges. But in such a diverse and...

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Operator Agility is the Goal and Lack of it the Handbrake

19 January

Pravin Mirchandani, CMO, OneAccess Networks When looking at the virtualization landscape in its broader sense I can’t help seeing that the real problem is agility or, rather, the lack of...

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NFC, QR Codes, In-app and beyond…

10 January

‘Mobile payments’ is a broad term. As the ecosystem has developed, various new technologies have emerged to change the way we act and transact in-store. Integrating new with the old Some mobile...

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When the Rubber (Finally) Hits the Road: 2018 Predictions

8 January

Looking ahead to 2018, Pravin Mirchandani, CMO, OneAccess Networks, anticipates a year of challenge and opportunity for operators. Europe Starts to Get Serious about Virtualization After a long...

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Can You Accept Global Payment Standards?

15 December

Arnaud Crouzet, General Secretary, nexo standards, reviews key highlights from the global payment acceptance standards body’s annual conference. I hadn’t expected the sport of fencing to...

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2018 trends: Safer data, faster payments, better experiences

11 December

André Stoorvogel, Director, Product Marketing in the Payments Group at Rambus Fundamental shifts in consumer behavior, the emergence of new technologies and an evolving regulatory landscape means...

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